HammaBowl booked out, waiting list open

Moin coaches,
As of this weekend, we are already booked out, about 6 months in advance! This is absolutely amazing!
From now on, any new application will go to the waiting list. Don’t worry though, we are trying to get more space at the venue and we are also calculating with a  10% dropout rate here. So, keep the applications coming, there might be a place for you soon. On the other hand, if you already know now that you can’t make it to the tournament, please let us know, so we can give the position to someone else. 
We are currently organizing ourselves and work on the rules for the tournament. They will probably be aligned with the eurobowl rules, on which we are still waiting. As soon as these are out and confirmend we will post our rules as well. Most of the Goodies and Trophies are already here, as we planned this tournament 2 years ago, so not much to do on that front at the moment.
We will keep you posted and are already looking forward to see you all in 2022!
Until then, keep rolling POWs!
The HammaBowl Orga team

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