Bilder vom ersten und letzten Platz

Hi Everyone,

the HammaBowl is coming closer and the prices are taking shape. Today we will show you some of the miniatures that will make up the team awarded to the winner of the tournament: The HammaBowl Dwarves:

The miniatures are being painted by Jo, a member of the Pigment Pirates.

Furthermore, we have a sneak peak at the “Wooden Spoon”, the price for the last Place in the tournament, for you:


Expect some more updates in these last weeks as we put the finishing touches on everything.


Until October,

Your Orga-Team


Dear Blood Bowl friends,

after the 3. NAF World Cup in Lucca we decided to finally host a really big tournament in Hamburg…
…and yessssss, here it is! 😉

You are looking at the homepage of the Hamma-Bowl. We are looking forward to welcome many participants from 15th to 16th of october here in Hamburg. Please continue directly here for your registration.


Heiko, Henning, Jens, Jo, Robert, Theo, Thorsten und Timm

Und so begann es…

Still during the NAF World Cup III in Lucca, we decided to finally take it seriously, with the organization of the first major Blood Bowl tournament in Hamburg. On 06 November 2015, the WhatsApp group “NAF TOURNAMENT HAMBURG” was launched and successively various Hamburger Blood Bowl coaches were added. In the meantime the number increased to 20 participants in the group which is a strong indicator of interest in a tournament in the north of the republic, in our home town Hamburg.

After a while we realized (yes ;-))), that 20 people maybe could be a little too much for “Orga” and reduced the numbers to a core team and founded on December 18, 2015 another WhatsApp group. Starting there everything got more “seriously”. About 100 messages were sent on a daily basis to each other (I am probably exaggerating a bit … but just a little ;-)) and we started to meet face to face as well in in Trude and Schach-Café beforehand.

We had everything in the group discussions: Chinese proverbs of the year ;-), Sale announcements of painted Blood Bowl teams, exciting discussions and votes on the name of the tournament, type of giveaways, look of the logo, prices of the tournament and more.

The exciting journey slowly approaches the first milestone as business cards are ready for distribution in the coming weekend’s Dungeonbowl XIII, T-shirts ordered as an advertising medium, completed this website and cool dice Giveaway for participants have been commissioned.