New new Date: 04./05. of May 24

we all learn from experience, and 15 years in project management should have prepared me to NOT commit the basic error: Never take anything for granted, at least not before you have it in writing. Long story short: The venue changed their booking strategy for the rooms, of which I will spare you the details, but it boils down to: We cannot book the date that we intended to. But…we have a new date…with a small issue. 

first things first: The new date for HammaBowl VII is 04. May 2024 and 05. May 2024.

Anyone who has already signed up, please send an email to and let me know, if you still want to come to this new date. The order in which you have signed up and paid will be kept. Anyone who cannot make the date will be fully reimbursed, of course.

Now, on to the last pill we will have to swallow, regarding the new date: There will be no rooms available in the youth hostel for this date. We have some alternatives on our website, to which I will add some more spots, but sleeping and breathing Bloodbowl at the venue of HammaBowl will not be possible.

So, I hope this new date will work for all of you as good or even better than the old date.

See you soon, until then: Good Blocking!

Your HammaBowl Orga

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