New Sponsors: Painting!

Hi Coaches,

we have some great news for you: (More) Painters join the tournament supporters. As you all know, from the beginning days of this tournament we have worked together with the Pigment Pirates, who always paint up the team we give away and the prizes you can win. In addition to that we now are joined by even more painters and painting groups. The firsts are Pro Tabetop Art, Tabletop Craft Bunker (Pinselschwert) and cash_1313_painting, who all have agreed to use the short time they have and paint up a prize for this year’s tournament! How cool is that?

More of the same will follow and we hope we have many more painted minis for you to win in the coming years and you will have many painters to choose from, whenever you want a Mini, a team or an army to get painted.

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