HammaBowl 2021/22

Hi Coaches,

unfortunately we have to bring you some bad news again…for this year!

Because we have to change the location and the still unsecure situation for tournaments, due to the corona virus, we have to postpone the HammaBowl for another year. All attendees that have already payed for the hammebowl, will get their money back shortly.

So we have to wait another year for the HammaBowl, i hear you cry? No! The fifth HammaBowl will be back sooner than that! The new date will be the

21st and 22nd of May 2022

We have changed the date, because we have a new location (Youth Hostel „Horner Rennbahn“, just a short 10 min walk away from the old one) and we hope that setting the tournament during a warmer period of the year will give us less restrictions due to corona, which will hopefully have lessened by then anyway.

The new location gives us a lot of advantages, like accomondations, lunch in the Hostel, better equipment, but also comes with a price. Therefore, the new fee for the HammaBowl will be 45,- Euros, including lunch on both days in addition to everything else that you are used to by now. We might even have some additonal surprises for you in store…

You can find all the information for the tournament, and how to apply for it, here, at www.hammabowl.de


Your HammaBowl-Orga

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