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Neuer Sponsor

Hi All,

the HammaBowl is little more than 2 months away and the pace increases. Paininting on the team and work on the Wooden Spoon has started, the small prices are complete and we have another sponsor:

The Atlantis is a very cool store for everyone who likes to play a lot, whether it be Boardgames, Cardgames or live-role-playing: Atlantis Hamburg

Team und Preise

Hi Coaches,

only a short waiting time and the fields are again full of blood and sweat and mayhem! Jo, our painting god with the pigment pirates is also sweating, getting all the prices paintes. Some of them you can adhore below:

There will also be a reunion with the titleholder, who will join us with his price, the HammaBowl dwarfs. The main trophies will be finished this week, be prepared for something heavy, literally.

Es geht auf die Zielgraden!

Moin Coaches,

not even two weeks from now the halls of HammaBowl will be aloud with dices rolling, Coaches shouting and the occasional cry of “Touchdoooown!”. In other words: We are close to the tournament, so please send in your teamrosters and for the very few: Please send in the fee.

To heighten your anticipation, we have some pics of the price for the overall winner: The Woodelf team, painted by the very talented pigment pirates:

Noch ein Monat!

Hi Coaches,

there are only something like 30 days left until HammaBowl 2017 and the Coaches are signing up almost daily. We are delighted about this, thank you all for that! It seems that we will be bigger than last year! Please check on your rosters, we will need them in the next couple of weeks to plan the tournament properly.

We have also been hard at work behind the scenes and could aquire two additonal sponsors: Atlantis, a local fantasy store has provided some goodies for our price pool and Starplayershop will add some nice prices and trophies.

We also have added some more giveaways this year, but you will have to wait until the HammaBowl for more Details on that. One last bit of info do we share, though: The trophy this year is a custom made beauty which was build exclusively for HammaBowl. 🙂

We are looking forward to seeing you all in October,

your Orga-Team


Würfel sind da

As last year, each coach get’s a set of HammaBowl as goodie. The first price this year will be a painted bloodbowl team again, painted by the pigment pirates, and you can try to guess the race by the color of the new dices.

Neuer Termin 2017 steht!

Hello Everbody,

the new date for HammaBowl 2017 is fixed: The trounament will be at 7th and 8th of October 2017. The registration is already open, so go ahead and be the first to register. More Infos on orga, prices and goodies will probably available early 2017.


Best regards,

Your HammaBowl-Orga

Alle Infos online

Hello Coaches,

again, many thanks to all of you for this great event and the positive feedback we got. We have accumalted all the data from the trounament, which can be seen under “History” at this website.

We will now deal with deal with the statement of account and start planning for HammaBowl 2017!

until then,
your Orga